Format Hard Drive Windows 7 with Free Hard Drive Formatting Software

Why We Format Hard Drive in Windows 7?

Formatting hard drive is the good method to clean the information on the hard drive for Windows 7; certainly, it is also something necessary we must do with a new hard drive before using Windows 7 and storing document. Somebody might think this is complicated, however, some free hard drive formatting software does excellent, and Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, the free hard drive tool is the suitable choice. The step-by-step tutorial below could walk you through the whole process of formatting hard drive Windows 7.

To begin, download Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, it is totally free.

Format Hard Drive Windows 7 Guides

Before formatting hard drive, check out the correct partition and backup the important data if necessary. And then follow these steps to format hard drive for Windows 7.

  1. Launch Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, it shows the general disk partition information and provides the sleek disk partition functions:
    Free Hard Drive Formatting Software

  2. Right click target D partition and select "Format Partition" in the menu, in the new window, specify the partition label by typing, change file system in the drop down menu or change cluster size if need. (Note: we suggest do not change cluster size if unnecessary)
     Format Partition Menu Format Partition Procedure
  3. Back to the main window after clicking "OK" button. In main window, we could see the partition D was formatted—this is only a preview, to save changes we should click "Apply" on the toolbar. After that, the program will take several seconds to work.
    Formatted Hard Drive

  4. Done! With the help of Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, formatting hard drive is flawlessly finished? What makes this so amazing? The powerful and practical features, yes, you also could use this program wipe hard drive permanently, clone hard drive to another and even partition hard drive without any limitation!

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